We can install Solar Evacuated tubes or flate plate conectors. Installing the whole system or, if your a Plumber who doesnt fancy getting on a roof, we are very happy to do that aspect of the job for you.

We have installed this system on a new build, a twin panel system. The one you see is on the West facing elevation and a much smaller one (12 tubes) on the South facing dormer roof.

This is plumbed into a 277Lt thermal store with a heat exchange coil in the mid to lower level of the store dumping some of the heat from the tank into the underfloor heating to the ground floor.

The hot water service comes directly off the cold water service at mains pressure through a heat exchange coil and blended down to a usable tempreture so as not to scald. This totally eliminates boiler cycling when only using a small amount of water for hand washing etc, it also means the kettle can be filled from the hot water tap reducing the energy used to boil the kettle.

The household relied on solar water heating for all its domestic needs between May and late September 2010 for 3 adults and a teenager with the boiler only being used some 15 times for about 45 minutes to top up the heat during the whole period, giving an annual gas bill of £465 for a 4 bed property split over 3 floors s